Project Plan

Part 1 > Trends and Conditions that Challenge Us…

Part 1 will start the process by looking at the trends and conditions that challenge us. Through the work of various inputs, significant problems and possibilities will be identified that will be used to guide the Joint Implementable Plan Update.

The items placed in this section of the web site include:

  1. 2007 Comprehensive Plan Audit Results
  2. Trends Report
  3. Interactive Mapping


Part 2 > Understanding Community Values and Priorities…

The Dover Region includes many individuals, perspectives, and landscapes, all of which will need to contribute to the mosaic of the Joint Implementable Comprehensive Plan Update. An extensive community input process over the next 18 months has begun, which will ask the residents to envision an economically, socially, civically, and environmentally healthy Region of the future.

  1. Project Progress and Engagement
  2. Community Poll Question to be added
  1. Get Involved
  2. Bar graph showing project progress


Part 3 > The Dover Story…

A concise, actionable, and approachable plan will be prepared that can easily guide the reader to the Region’s key issues and confidently understand what matters to move the Region forward towards implementation.


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